“Soliloquies transcend the individuum and address the world with a psychotic urgency. How does one handle all the sickness within oneself and within the surrounding? With melancholy, ZINN will answer in every song. It’s something in between, a duality, a chimera – melancholia – dreams with eyes wide awake, grumpy punky, always longing, always contemplative and laughing sadly because she knows that every event is just a temporary phenomenon in an endless universe. ZINN is a soft heavy metal and if you bend it, it screams. Drama and simplicity amalgamate in wild garage guitars and gentle psychedelic areas. Dark voices sing themselves into sleep with a brittle vehemence and wait for a dream pop or for the apocalypse. ‘Lethargie, dich wollt ich nie’ (engl.: ‘lethargy I never wanted you’) is one of the verses that were thought upon before the pandemia ever happened but is still applicable to the point. Internal and external phenomena are filtered and describe scenarios of injustice, resistance, derivative and surrender.”




23/06/22 Vienna Fluc Wanne Austria
24/06/22 Graz Orpheum Austria
25/06/22 Dornbirn Spielboden Austria
02/07/22 Vienna Arena (Open Air) Austria
29/07/22 Vienna Karlsplatz (Popfest) Austria
05/08/22 St. Pölten Sonnenpark (Lames) Austria
19/08/22 Gallneukirchen Klangfestival Austria