Gran Bankrott

Gran Bankrott writes post-punk/new-wave anthems for a generation of weirdos to dance dark pogo with him.

After Tanzbein, Kapital Egal and Woanders, Butter is the fourth part of the Die Singles series. A 6-song/6-video mini-album box set in the form of The Vinyl, The CD, The Zine, The Poster, due for release in Spring 2022. via Numavi Records. The release is accompanied by an exhibition curated by David Visnjic.

“…a colorful mosaic of New Wave, Dark Wave, Post-Punk. The main thing is cool, the main thing is association: flickering neon tubes in abandoned industrial buildings; The main thing: the end of satisfaction. The master himself sums it up best: “Roy Black is dead.” (The Gap Magazine)