Driving beats, multiplied Pop-Vocals, and electro-experimental sound art: „The Color, The Dark“ by GLAM (Gloria Amesbauer) comes out as their debut album in May 2023 on teacup records. GLAM has been working on the interface between pop music and new music since the EP “two months/years” (2021) and explores intuition as a musical tool, now to drive even further under the layers of skin with”The Color, The Dark”. The debut album was realized together with bandmates Markus W. Schneider and Aras Levni Seyhan, who come from the experimental and electro-acoustic music scene and have shared the stage with Amesbauer since 2021. The opening track “Bookshelf” leads with hard strumming patterns and shows tender vulnerability in the lyrics: “all the cries, archived in no bookshelf” sings Amesbauer. The Color, The Dark” is as fluid as Glam: the track “I Clean Up My Place” seems like an EDM party track, “The Valve” uses metal riffs, with a “Wuthering Height” cover Glam bows to icon Kate Bush and on “Still” and “Embryo” the trio of wind players (Christine Gnigler, Viktoria Hofmarcher and Katharina Zeller) completes the epic drama-pop opera.”The Color, The Dark” is a brilliant, diverse work of art that will be presented live at Vienna’s Radiokulturhaus on 2 June. (Simay Zwerger)