Ausländer is a music and performance collective established on the 1st of Mai, 2018 in Vienna. Ausländer came together during the productive process to merge creative and professional backgrounds in art, music and social engagement. In order to create new collaborative work based on music performance. The process of creation took time of dialogue, experience sharing and music rehearsals. The trigger for this collective came from understanding of what is our position, obligation and possibilities regarding the social activity – construction and deconstruction.

Ausländer evolved into a model of a social activity among people with the same or similar undestanding regarding society and music as a tool of communication, rather than following a typical musician/band format. Including collaborators and people from across different backgrounds, the Ausländer uphold the idea of a collective, based on philosophy of anarchism as mutualism, and the principle of associated communal work, distribution of activities, the examination of power positions, decision making, exchange of skills, experience and knowledge. Resulting in the group being recognized in the alternative music scene as unusual, whilst following through with high-energized punk, electro, noise, drone, and experimental genre with abstract vocals and dark perfomance appearances.

Ausländer self-stylisation, manifestos and music performances as repetitive expectations towards the audience with interaction elements have raised aim to question the border between the audience and performers and declassified positions in a conventional situation of monitoring – the ones who are observing and those who are being observed.”