Hi, My name is Florin (they/them) and I run this thing mostly on my own. I come from a Hardcore/Punk background and started booking DIY shows at the age of 14 in Steyr and later Linz, Upper Austria.

After moving to Vienna in 2010 I started booking shows here in 2012. Together with my former booking partner I founded „Generation Noir“ and after a year of booking as a duo, most of the shows were organized on my own: I booked 300+ bands and artists ranging from loads of different genres: from heavier acts like Full of Hell, Celeste or Wiegedood until wavy stuff like Riki, Kaelan Mikla and Molchat Doma, there was a lot happening & always combined with cool other acts and local projects.

I have 15+ years of experience in booking, touring, recording, podcasting, and also organizing different types of events from concerts, lectures, DJ-nights, etc., and got a diploma in music management.

That’s why I decided in Winter 2021 that I have enough contacts and capability to put GN a few steps higher and brand it new: Generation Noir Shows & Booking Agency.

First, the idea was born to just help people out that I like on a personal and creative level and then it went on from there.

14 amazing artists and bands that I’m taking care of & more to come.

All the projects have a very unique mood & sound and there’s a collective approach. Get to know them in the Artists section and hit me up if you wanna book them for your next club show, festival, or garden party. They all equally deserve your attention.

Apart from that, GN is still also setting shows up here in Vienna for touring Bands. These days our schedule is pretty full, often already 6-9 months ahead, but if you think your act could fit our program don’t hesitate to contact me also at the address above.


*Logo by T. All poster designs by Edda Tührriedl. Homepage created by Peter Wetz, Stefan Hagen & Florin Koller.